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V-slider5~Do you wonder if your confidence is lower than it could be?
~Do you find yourself wondering if you could accomplish more towards your dreams but have a constant inner critic holding you back?
~Do you find yourself unhappy in certain areas of your life but seem to be stuck – unable to move towards a happier life?

If you can recognise at least 1 of the 5 main characteristics written below, it is highly possible that you might be living with low confidence.

1) Blaming of others

People with low confidence will often blame others for their mistakes. This can be a behaviour because deep down you are often driven by a fear of failure. So instead of admitting to your mistakes and accepting that it is all part of learning and life, you might blame someone/thing else to deflect the attention away from you.

2) Find excuses.

If someone challenges or criticizes you, you will often find excuses instead of feeling confident enough to discuss and stand up for the choices you have made. You might even find yourself avoiding making decisions and giving an opinion to stop the challenge you dread. If you have good confidence you will feel comfortable with the choices you make and the decisions you have made. You can also accept other people’s opinions and decisions, even when different from your own.

3) Approval seeking.

With low confidence comes the need for others to approve your achievements and actions. This comes from not having the internal capabilities to recognise your own achievements and choices. With low confidence, if you don’t receive the approval you constantly need, it can result in your confidence lowering even more. With a good level of confidence, you are able to recognise what you have done well and what needs to be improve, without an influx of intense critical words inside your head.

4) Pessimism and negative thinking.

Looking at life from a low confidence perspective makes it hard to see the optimistic options in life. Fear, worrying and a constant inner critic can make life seem an unfriendly and scary place. If you experience this, you’ll find you focus anything that went wrong instead of celebrating what went well. If you receive twenty compliments and one negative comment, it is the negative comment you run over and over again in your head. You ignore the positive comments. However, you will find that you don’t wait for the criticism from others as you are quick off the mark to criticise yourself. Sound familiar?

5) Fear of change.

Low confidence can make you stuck in situations that are obviously not good for for you such as a bad relationship, an unsuitable job or not attempting something new. This is because there is doubt in your own abilities to cope in the new situation and how you will cope with the challenge of the change. The first four points are compounded in the fear of change. This can create a lot of unhappiness and reduce your confidence even more. A fear of taking risks means that life can become very contracted and unexciting. As your life reduces this has a tendency to increase fear and taking steps to change and create something new in your life.

J K Rowland famously said “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well have not lived at all, in which case you’ve failed by default. Such knowledge is a true gift, for all that it is painfully won, and it has been worth more than any qualification I have ever earned.” So if want to start increasing your confidence and having a deeper sense of wellbeing, a great place to start is to receive my free “Increase Your Confidence” audio series. With it’s tips, powerful visualisation and confidence boosting techniques it means you can start taking control today.

About Giselle Monbiot – I am The Woman’s Confidence Coach, mum of 3 and long term therapist. Over my many years of seeing hundreds of clients, I have learned that good confidence is the core to a happy and fulfilled life. Confidence controls any decision that is made, any relationship you might have and even the health you experience. Low confidence is a very common. I have made it my life work to enable people to become confident and have good self esteem. There results are often very exciting and can transform lives in the most positive way.



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