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“Welcome to my website … my name is Giselle Monbiot and I am a Stress Specialist, Cognitive Hypnotherapist and a Well-being course designer and facilitator. I look forward to working with you.”

Stress Overwhelmed Me

My stress levels were at an all time high and when my third child was born, I was unable to turn off my stress response. I was shouting at everyone, unable to sleep and eating all the wrong foods.  My digestive system became painful and I seemed to catch every virus and cold that came my way. I had always believed that life was an exciting adventure but now the future looked bleak and I felt I could not cope any more challenges. I had a constant feeling of anxiety in the pit of my stomach and a sense of dread of what could happen in the future. As a grown woman, a mother and successful therapist, I felt I should be able to manage my stress better.

Calmness follows me now

Fed up with this inner conflict, heightened stress response and bad health, I made a promise to myself that I would free myself from this stress and anxiety. I wanted to enjoy my children, my life and know that I could regain a sense of peace within. Using the techniques I incorporate with my clients I started to improve my stress levels. I researched many different stress management tools, learned new relaxation techniques and explored my behaviour patterns and response mechanisms. Incorporating this with healthier eating and exercise, I experienced better sleep, improved health and felt alive again.

Let me guide you

I have dedicated my life to teaching other women how to regain their faith in themselves again. Stress and anxiety doesn’t have to be the normal way you feel. Calmness, emotional control and feeling energetic can be achieved.  You too can feel alive again.

Professional Background.

Giselle Monbiot DipCHyp, HPD, MPNLP, BA Hons

I was trained by the acclaimed Quest Institute in Cognitive Hypnotherapy(2010) and NLP Master Practitioner(2011). I have been running my successful London practice since 2010, completing hundreds of client hours, which means I have direct experience in a wide range of issues, challenges and problems. I have also studied People Centered Counselling, Confident Childbirth, Mindfulness, The Three Principles, Eye Movement Integration, Emotional Freedom Technique and am constantly reading and learning about the mind and ways to live happier and calmer lives. I work in a nurturing, direct and honouring way and I tailor-make the sessions to your individual requirements, using my vast skills and knowledge in the best way for you to become happier and with a greater control of the life you are living.

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