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“Change is the one definite of life. It is one of the things we fear the most.”

Do you often feel stuck but seem to do nothing about it?fear_of_change

Does it seem that there is always a great excuse why you are not changing aspects of your life that you know are making you unhappy?

Do find yourself sabotaging the good things?

It might be that you are scared of change!

Change is the one definite of life but it is one of the things we fear the most. Humans like to have comfort and a sense of belonging.  When that familiar feeling of discomfort, that often partners with change, starts tingling inside of you,  you can back away from what you perceive as bad. In your desire to remain safe, you might back away from the very thing that could actually improve your life. But how do you know what is fear of change? The following article looks at the 5 main ways this fear can manifest itself in the choices you make.

  1. You don’t take action on the things that need to be achieved to make a difference in your life, especially if it means some aspect of your life will alter. It could be moving jobs, throwing out stuff that has been lying around in the house for ages or still holding onto old clothes even though they don’t fit anymore. When you think about carrying these actions through, something stops you – a strong feeling within, or thought is so intense that seems to have more power than the act itself. You find yourself making excuses or procrastinating to another less important task. Change can feel uncomfortable initially but if it’s the right thing, then your life will improve if you follow through with it.
  2. If an activity makes you feel slightly uncomfortable you choose not to take part. People that embrace change recognise the fear that is felt in something new, energises them to follow through. Did you know that fear and excitement have the same physiological response? The only difference is how you perceive it in your mind.
  3. You find yourself not making changes because you are worried about how it will affect others such as your spouse, children, colleagues and friends. People who embrace change recognise that change is all about living to your potential and ultimately becoming happier. This has a positive response to those around you. If it doesn’t maybe the other person is fearful of change. Never hold yourself back because of another person’s fears. It serves no one well.
  4. You know you’re unhappy, your life isn’t how you want it and you feel like you’re in a rut. However, you disregard anyone’s advice or options that might assist you in escaping from the treadmill. You always find an excuse to not alter anything.  Ask yourself why you resist the opportunity to explore new ways to live or perceive life. It’s probably that pesky fear of change!!
  5. Often a lack of confidence in your own abilities and capabilities can feed the fear. A lack of self belief can be very noisy in your head and paralyse you in your tracks. You might find yourself sabotaging anything in your life that suggests change. You might eat a packet of biscuits after losing two kilos; you never fully complete any task you start; once again you miss an opportunity that you know you wanted. Unconsciously you are proving to yourself that you are not capable of moving forward and taking control of your life. This is all about being fearful of what your life will be once the change has occurred.

                        “Fear can manifest itself in the choices you make.”

You can often look at others and think how fearless they seem and how they are so much better at pushing themselves than you. Did you know that the definition of courage is the ability to act when feeling fearful or scared? Many very successful people are fearful, they just don’t allow the fear to hold them back.  So if there was one courageous act that you could do today, what would it be? It doesn’t have to be an enormous life shattering experience. Just start with something little. And as you do this, you will start to learn you can do it. Gradually you’ll be able to do more and acts of courage with bigger things.



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