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  • How Hard Can It Be To Create A Blog?

    How Hard Can It Be To Create A Blog?

    Have you ever decided to push yourself so far from your comfort zone, you questioned yourself on how you were going to complete the task? Last week, I signed up to a 30 day blogging challenge. It consists of 1 blog everyday for 30 days. The aim is to learn how to create a blog effectively, write good and interesting content. It is a great way to learn how to express myself with the written word and to reach a good number of readers on the way. As a self-employed mum of 3 young children, writing is a great way to reach people and fit it around clients and children. I’ve always loved to write, ever since I was a very young girl. I have started many books (never completed any) but always have stories and book content flowing around my head, so learning how to create a blog effectively was an exciting challenge for me. And if I am writing to gain visibility professionally, then I want to do it correctly. However, it hasn’t been the plain sailing that I had imagined it to be.

    The Impact

    To illustrate how this has impacted my life I am now fitting in my already full day with clients,  children, the usual household chores, preparing for Christmas with learning a new art form. This isn’t just writing 500 words a day. It is learning about SEO, website plugins, structure and thinking of a new subject everyday. I now know what writer’s block is! I am reading articles about hook sentences, transitional phrases and how to outline my work. Considering I read English Literature and Language at University, you’d think I would remember this information. Once the children are in bed I am studying until 10.30. So why am I bothering with this?

    The Reality

    Despite the late nights, missing social events and another ball to juggle in my already overflowing hands, I keep going. I keep going because I have a deep desire to be the best I can be. I want to be able to fulfil my purpose to the best of my ability. To accomplish that, there are sacrifices and many times dangled far from my comfort zone. When my 40th birthday was pending, I started to analyse my life and looked at what I was proud of and what I felt disappointed that I hadn’t achieved by then. I made a promise to myself, that I would make sure I would live a life I was proud of, full of purpose and free from the excuses that meant I wasn’t expanding and growing.

    What has been learned?

    Interestingly, even though my time was filled to the maximum prior to taking this challenge on, I have managed to find the time to spend the time to take this challenge seriously. I am also noticing that my stress levels aren’t increasing. I am learning just how much can be fitted into one day. Yes, of course it is juggle and of course I would like to have my feet up in front of the TV sometimes. But I feel I am really achieving and learning something really useful. I also love the idea of returning to my initial studies of writing, taking me full circle. I remember having my final conversation with my head of year, at graduation. He asked me what I wanted to do. My response was ‘I want to help people’. He laughed and told me I sounded like a child. As I reconnect to those past outline lessons I use this information reach many people through my chosen profession of Stress Specialist. I can smile and realise I have definitely found the right path – and it is far from childish.

    With this in mind, I will keep on tapping at the keyboards and reading the articles that are emailed to me daily. Even though it is a tough challenge to tackle daily blogs, I feel it is worth it because I am learning  so much every day and I am pushing myself towards something new and exciting. Will I create a perfect blog? That I don’t know, but they are already improving and that is amazing after 5 days. Whenever we push ourselves to achieve something that has taken us further than we have experienced before, we learn something new about our own strengths and inner resources. So whether it is learning to create a blogor something completly different, these uncovered strengths are then utilised in other areas of our lives due to the increase in self belief and confidence.

    It would be great if you commented below as I would love to hear what you think

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