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 Are You Looking For A Way To Break Through The Immense Stress And Anxiety That Is Eating You Up Day And Night? Are You Desperate To Find A Way To Breathe Properly Again, Respond More Calmly And Feel Alive Again?

I really understand how challenging life can be when juggling work, family life and yourself. You can feel like a headless chicken running from one thing to another, but never feeling like you are doing any of it well.

“Modern life is exhausting and offers us little chance to really examine what makes us happy and content. Giselle has helped me to understand my motivations, ingrained behaviour patterns and how to free myself from persistent worries.” Fleur

So I want to offer you an amazing opportunity for you to have your own bespoke Breakthrough Stress Programme which is created around your lifestyle, the level of stress you are feeling and what your hopes and dreams are.

 To breakthrough your stress and get your bounce back for good, there are 4 simple steps you make.

Step 1 – Have a free telephone conversation with me to find out more and ask any questions. This is the time we work out if us working together is a good fit.  Take your first step here

Step 2 – When you book, I design your sessions around your unique needs. Because your needs and experience are unique to you.

Step 3 – We meet for our sessions. You practice all the amazing techniques you learn and listen to you bespoke meditation regularly.

Step 4 – Enjoy feeling like yourself again – with more energy, more fulfillment and a spring in your step.

“Like many mums, I was feeling stressed out, trying to juggle family life with running my own business. With the help of Giselle, I discovered why I was feeling so stuck.”  Sari

If now is YOUR time to create a calmer and more resilient life, book a date to speak directly with me on my free Breakthrough Stress call and find out if us working together is what you need to break this unwanted cycle.

Our phone consultation is a no obligation chat. It is your opportunity to find out more about how I work and for you to learn what it is that you need. If at the end of the chat either of us feel the fit isn’t right, then that’s OK. We will both have a deeper understanding of each other and will know if it is right to take it further.

So if you are ready to say YES and your instinct is telling you to did it, then please make a date in my diary and let’s get chatting. The greatest journeys start with a single step.



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