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I am delighted to say that I was recently approached by a highly acclaimed blogging site for mothers, to answer some woman-sunsetfabulous questions about the very common subject of Mother’s Guilt and how this impacts mothers everywhere.

Guilt seems to appear with the thought of conception and never goes away. Mothers report feeling guilty whatever they choose. It is present with regarding how much time they spend with their children; how focused they are with them; career vs full time mother choices; parenting roles; the food the children consume; whether the children witness arguments and how the mother responds to their children – do they remain calm or shout at them. Whatever mothers do they seem to have an underlying guilt with it all.

The article explains why you might be feeling guilty, how this effects you and what you can do about this.

If this is subject that affects you and would like to find out more, then follow the link to read what I said.  If you feel you would like to address the guilt you experience, you might consider joining me and other parents in my three week workshop Ditch The Guilt. It is a wonderful and life transforming experience to start living your life with renewed pleasure and calm.



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