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Mindfulness and Well-being For Overstretched Mums

8pm-10pm Thursday 15th, 22nd & 29th JuneBeneficial Gift 5

Kingston Quaker Centre, Fairfield E, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 2PT

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“Giselle opened my mind to everything I thought I knew how to do, but in practice wasn’t doing. I can already see and feel the positive impact on my family and myself. It has shown me how amazing it is to talk about things.” Jill

Are You Looking For A Way To Look After Yourself Without It Taking Too much Time? Do You Want To Have More Energy? Be More Present And Patient? Feel More Contented?

I really understand how challenging life can be when juggling work, family life and yourself. You can feel like a headless chicken running from one thing to another, but never feeling like you are doing any of it well. You’re always firefighting doing what is needed and before you are able to do something for yourself, the day has ended. You awaken to the same cycle again. You possibly feel you will never have time for yourself again. I can assure you, you will.

I don’t know if you have ever felt so totally overwhelmed that your chest feels like it is imprisoned by a big metal cage, or gripped by huge claws. It could be such a strong feeling that you find it restricts your breathing. Possibly you are frustrated at the people you love. You feel so guilty about this, worried about how this affecting them. You are at a crossroads in your life and not knowing which direction to take or even how to make the first step is making you feel within your life. All you see is what you can’t do as opposed to what is possible.

It is important that you understand that the thoughts and feeling you are experiencing are NOT YOUR FAULT. It is your natural stress response overriding everything else.

Over the past few years, I have been running a successful private clinic and creating workshops, working and closely supporting women through their crippling stress, and working towards a more fulfilled calmer life. They report better health, good sleep and often state that they feel alive and passionate for the first time in years.

“Modern life is exhausting and offers us little chance to really examine what makes us happy and content. Giselle has helped me to understand my motivations, ingrained behaviour patterns and how to free myself from persistent worries.” Fleur

It might feel unattainable for you and I understand that. What if you learned how to liberate yourself from this cycle of fire-fighting and feel happier within yourself? If you answer yes, keep on reading..

So I want to offer you an amazing opportunity for you to join me and other like minded women, with my Mindfulness and Well-Being Workshop For Busy Mums.

To Book Your Place (only 6 places available)

Email phone 07847 386562

What You’ll Get

~Stop the endless cycle of stress, regain control of your emotions and start feeling excited about life again.recommendations

~Work with a stress expert with solid training, vast experience and a proven track record.

~Find out why it is not your fault that you are finding life so challenging. Learn how you can regulate your emotions and your energy.

~Learn powerful calming tools that you can use anywhere, anytime which means you can take control of any challenge that life bats towards you.

~Lots of compassionate support and loving nurture.

What This Gives You

~You gain the ability to remain calm, resilient and feel OK within a challenging time.

~Less stress feeds in all aspects of life – better relationships, more career success and increased happiness.

~Life can stop being a drudge. Reconnect to the you that you feel has become lost in the endless tasks of life.

~Become calmer, happier and more confident with the choices you make.

~Know you are not alone and can get help focused on what you are wanting to achieve.

~Be able to respond more calmly to those that you love and to yourself. Feel alive again.

If you resonate with these words and you can answer YES to wanting to feel more patient, more focused and more energised, book your place today. There are only 6 eats available so don’t miss out.

Start moving towards a more fulfilled and meaningful life.

Investment In Yourself

Early bird £99 (Until 27th May) Usual amount £149

Your ticket comes with a full money back guarantee. If you don’t feel calmer from practicing what you learn on this course I will give you 100% of your ticket price back.

To Book Your Place (only 6 places available)

Email phone 07847 386562





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10am-3pm Saturday 19th November

Kingston Quaker Centre, Fairfield E, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 2PT

If you are a woman in the mid part of your life and you are finding yourself questioning who you are and what YOU want to be more fulfilled… you are experiencing the amazingly powerful female midlife transition.

It’s a time that might feel painful, confusing and, sometimes, scary but if it is managed in the right way, a new, amazing and transforming life can start to emerge. All you have to do is let your wings unfurl and you will glide towards a fulfilling and meaningful second half of your life.

If you want to learn more about this amazing time, need to calm your ever circling thoughts and want to work out what YOU want out of life, you are invited to ‘Female Midlife Revolution: a powerful opportunity to fulfil personal growth’.

Find the answers to:
~ what Archetype is emerging and what does that mean for you?

~ why you are feeling so discontented in certain aspects of your life

~ work out what your missing puzzle piece is and how to get it into your life

~ how can you make these powerful changes whilst keeping your sense of perspective

~ how to create and live a life that is fulfilling and happy

~ calm your busy, worrying mind so you can start thinking clearly about what you do next

This is your chance to turn around any regrets and desires of what hasn’t happened, work out what you want out of life and start living to your own true values. It can be a really confusing time but I assure you, if you find out the answers to how you want your life to be and how you want to feel – you will reconnect and feel the strength of your own identity again. Make the second half of your life exciting, fulfilling and happy.

Midlife is your opportunity so embrace it.



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