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How Do You Reduce Your Stress And Increase Resilience?

Over the past two weeks, I have been discussing the causes of stress and the symptoms of stress as well. I believe the most important part of this 3 part series is today’s discussion. And that is what can be done to reduce stress and the devastating impact it can have on your life? The great news, is that there are many different things you can do to increase your resilience no matter what start in life you have had. And there some wonderfully simple ways to bring calm into your life, even through the most challenging of times. So how can I reduce my stress I hear you cry!

So in no particular order, these 5 key actions can really help you to become calmer and raise your ability to handle stress.


When the word exercise is mentioned, we often imagine running up hills with heavy bags on your back. Or in the gym lifting heavy weights. Of course these are great ways to reduce stress, but they are not the only way. Research has found that as long as you exercise in some way, then this is fine. Going for a walk in the park; have a swim; Pilates or Yoga. Anything that you enjoy that means your happy hormones are released and you move your body. I started running to get my stress levels down using the free NHS couch to 5km app. I now love running with my friends and nattering. We’re quite slow and don’t go far, but being outside with good friends makes me feel good inside and out. What would be your ideal way to exercise?

Enriching your Life

How can you enrich your life? Is it reading a good book? Taking a walk on the beach? Learning a new hobby? There are many ways that you can enrich your experience in the life you lead. I joined a book club a year ago and I love it. I meet with a fascinating group of women. We have conversations that do not revolve around what our children did. Instead, we talk about the book we read, other books we love or hate. I’m really lucky to have connected with passionate, involved and thoughtful readers, so the conversation is always interesting and insightful. What would you do to enrich your life?

Socialising and Connecting

Many women I know, feel guilty at the thought of going out with friends and not being with their family. Of course family time is fundamental to feelings of connection and security for the entire family, especially the children. However, if you socialise with friends that make you laugh, who listen to you and celebrate who you truly are, then you will naturally raise your emotions, your self belief and feel happier. Whether you’re extrovert or introvert will determine how you socialise best. Socialising and connecting is a sure way to increase your energy levels, improve your perception of yourself and feel a greater resilience to take on the world.


Meditation and Mindfulness is a great way to calm your mind and to understand how your thoughts work. It’s funny how we are always thinking but we are mostly unaware of how our thoughts effect us and the emotional impact this can have on us. Just spending 10 minutes in the morning or evening in a quiet reflective space, can have a wonderful calming results on your stress levels.


A good therapist has been shown to be vital to learning what your triggers are for stress. Also, you can learn good techniques so you can control the stress yourself. And a therapist who is able to enable you to release the original trigger that created your stress response to react to events that are not useful in your life, a heightened stress response can be reduced, and in some cases, removed for good. Is this something that would benefit you?

So I wonder what it is that you can start today that means you are able to start feeling more able to cope with the challenges that life can throw at you? Start with just one thing and gradually build it up at a pace that is right for you. And remember to listen to yourself. To compare yourself to how others are dealing with their lives a definite way to return you back to the stress you’re wanting to avoid.

To start bringing in some relaxation, download my free Relaxation audio. It is a good place to start to releasing any worries or concerns you might be holding. Once you are in that calmer place, making the right choices for yourself will become easier for you to make.




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