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Everything You Need To Know About Stress (Part One) (3)

Symptoms of stress

How do you know if you are experiencing stress? What are the symptoms of stress and what does this mean in the long term? Stress is a well known word and is used regularly to describe how we are feeling in the workplace, in family life and within ourselves. Stress can be caused by your environment, what you eat and the way you think. Your experience of life can have  a big impact on your stress response but stress can happen at anytime. Part one of this 3 part series looks at this closely.

Not all stress is bad. In fact, the stress response is crucial for our survival. It saves us from knowingly walking into danger. It motivates us to work hard for deadlines. It replaces apathy with action.. But when the stress response increases to a level that means it doesn’t switch off, this is when the problems can occur.

Tiredness, Reduced Vitality and Adrenal Fatigue

Too much cortisol being pumped into the body, broken sleep cycles and food that spikes energy levels, all contribute to the reduction in energy and exhaustion that often partners with raised stress levels. And the longer the stress remains the more likely your adrenals are going to start getting fatigued from pumping out hormones to try to counteract your stressful lifestyle. Symptoms of adrenal fatigue include waking in fog, no matter how much sleep you’ve had, lines on your finger tips, moodiness and lack of enthusiasm to life. Adrenal fatigue takes many months to sort out, so as soon as you realise you are feeling tiredness and exhaustion from a stressful life, it is very important to reduce the stress triggers as soon as possible.

Anger, Frustration and Irritability

Stress can often make you feel irritable and angry. Constantly ready to either attack or defend, anybody or anything can be seen as the metaphorical lion ready to pounce. Whether it’s becaue someone is taking too long with something, expectations haven’t been reached or a tone of voice has been misunderstood, stressed people can often shout at you when you weren’t expecting it. Living with a stressed person can make the household feel like they are walking on egg shells which means that your stress can stat others feel stressed too. This is a very common problem in relationship issues and behavioural problems in children.

Health Issues

When you are stressed over  a long time, it can start to weaken your immune system which means it gets harder to fight off viruses and bugs. You might also notice that your hair is limp, lot its shine and in some cases, it an start falling out. Many of my clients start their time with me with bad skin, weak nails and painful Irritable Bowel symptoms. These are usually the first things that improve as the stress starts to reduce. If stress isn’t addressed, in the long term serious pathologies can be diagnosed. These include heart disease, Type 2 Diabetesr, immune diseases, reproductive diseases,  obesity and  cancer.

Other Pathologies Caused By Stress

Already, I have mentioned that stress can create serious physical diseases as mentioned above. However, it can also cause other illnesses which are often connected to our mental health and how we respond to the world around us. These include eating disorders, anxiety disorders, depression and post traumatic disorder. Depending on your historical connection to stressful encounters, combined with the environment in which you live, can have a big influence on you being effected by one of the pathologies, whether it is physical or based in the mind.

Affects Your Relationships With Others and Yourself, Career and Home Life

No matter how stress effects you, whether you have a wide selection of the above symptoms, or just a couple that compound deeply within you, stress is going to diretly affect how you relate to people around you, the decisions you make and what the consequences are of this. To continue down the path of overwhelm, to live in an exhausted haze and have bad health is going to stop you progressing towards a fulfilling career. Your relationships will be constantly strained and your self belief will be troubled. Often, home life is where the stress gets felt the most because this is where we feel the safest to respond how we need to. Sadly, this can mean your family may experience the worst of your irritability, and in turn you might perceive them as the cause of your stress as opposed to the source of your comfort.

All Is Not Lost

It might all sound doom and gloom, but the good news is that there are some wonderful and highly effective ways to reduce your response to stress. This is what I will be looking at in the final part of my series ‘Everything You Need To Know About Stress’.

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