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mums_to_workAre you a woman who is wanting to return to the workplace after taking time off to raise your family?

Are you feeling stuck not knowing what to do or maybe inside you feel scared or unsure how this will work out?

Maybe you are procrastinating but not even sure why you are!

You are definitely not alone!

When you have been out of the employment market for a while, it can make the return really difficult for a number of reasons. You might not even know what you want to do now. Once you become a parent, your values can alter tremendously. The career you once had, that demanded long hours and to be your priority, can now not be fitted in with your children’s timetable and the demands on your time.

It is often reported by my clients that their confidence has reduced significantly when it comes to going out to the workplace again, after spending a significant time at home. This reduction in confidence can lead to all sorts of problems, such as

  • Not applying for jobs because you don’t think you are up to it or that you wouldn’t be taken seriously.
  • Stopping yourself from taking a gamble with a business idea.
  • Believing that your family will suffer if you are not there to the level you have been up to now.
  • A negative mindset can make you ruminate on how you and your family are sacrificing something by you working as opposed to recognising the benefits both you and your family could gain by you working in a career you enjoy.

If you are at the point of wanting to return back to work but are finding yourself making more excuses about why you shouldn’t make that jump remember these key points:

  • Being a mother normally means you have acquired a honed skill of multi-tasking with an instinct to prioritise.
  • You can effectively work to strict deadlines.
  • You are a great team player whilst being able to self motivate and take initiative.
  • If you are working, especially with something you enjoy, you and your family will benefit from your time away from them.
  • Time away from the family can make you feel more appreciative of them and they of you.
  • You will be amazed at how all those reasons ‘not to’ become a thing of the past. Maybe household activities will be tackled differently but you might find the new ways preferable to the old ways.

Flexible working hours and more opportunities for job shares have come a long way but there is definitely the need for a greater flexibility to how both women and men can manage their work hours to fit in with home life. If society expected this, as opposed to it being a benefit to some, more women would be able to make these opportunities happen more easily. However, the change has to start with us. It is amazing how easy it is to think up reasons why not to make the changes in your life. But if the change is something that you know you want, then the only way to find to what you are capable of is start.

The one definite way of not achieving what you want is by not taking action. So the choice is yours. Work out what the first thing you need is to get the ball rolling.

If you know you that you would benefit from increasing your confidence, take a listen to my audio series. Follow the link below to connect to it.



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