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Stress in the workplace, can be crucial to reaching goals, keeping your motivated and meeting deadlines. However,women_at_work when the stress becomes too strong, it can unbalance you and have a huge impact on you both personally and professionally such as :

Physical impact can include digestive issues, catching more viruses and raised blood pressure.

Emotional symptoms include anxiety, depression and irritability.

Mind response can result in reduced memory, fuzzy head and poor decision making.

Behaviour can create feelings of isolation, poor communication and change of personality.

An organisation that has failed to address their employees Wellbeing and stress levels can experience all sorts of challenges that can cost the organisation a lot of money and staff such as:

– Problems with motivation, morale and commitment loyalty.

– Increased absentees, reduced productivity and high staff turn over.

– Makes it difficult to make needed changes, gets resistance and conflict.

Deal With Stress Effectively – Reap The Rewards

It has been shown that teaching Wellbeing and Stress Management to your staff makes them more productive, happier and more dedicated. It builds resilience with a greater capacity to handle challenges and to embrace change.

What will they be experiencing?

Learning about stress  – What is it? How to balance it? What the impact this is to the individual and the organisation.

The latest psychological emotional regulatory findings.

Stress management tools, relaxation techniques and Mindfulness practices.

A fun, relaxed and informative approach that means your staff will feel happier, heard and resilient.

Giselle can work in a group setting or 1 to 1 coaching in your workplace. She offers half day and full day group sessions.




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