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vitalityAre you finding yourself complaining about feeling a lack of vitality and zest for life?

Do you feel like you have lost who you are but find yourself yearning to feel yourself?

You want to start experiencing the joys of life, but feel too tired and disconnected from yourself to even know where to begin?

These are 6 simple steps you can follow to increase your vitality and start feeling like you again. Take them in any order you want. You might only need to commit to one or two to start experiencing a positive increase in your energy and zest for life.

Get a medical check up. A sensible place to start is to go and see your GP to double check that you don’t have any underlying medical issue causing the lack in energy. A simple blood test can show up common causes of lethargy such as thyroid issues, deficient vitamin D or iron levels. Your doctor will know the best tests to take.

Exercise When we are tired, the thought of exercise can be the last thing on our minds. It can also be hard to self-motivate yourself to get your running shoes on or commit to swimming 30 lengths of your local pool on a cold evening. A personal trainer can be expensive. I overcame this challenge by finding a fabulous personal trainer to train a group of us together. This means we are being motivated and exercised safely, having fun together but keeping the costs to a minimum. This is something you could organise if there aren’t any other options suitable. One thing I have learned, if you are in need of something, there will be other people out there with the same needs. There are always ways of creating the perfect exercise environment for you. If possible, organise this away from children, partners and your home. Make this time for you to have fun, get fit and release all those happy hormones.

Sleep People can really undervalue the importance of good sleep in a healthy clean environment.There are many different factors that can affect the quality of sleep. Children can be waking you regularly; too much light in the room; phones beeping; a cluttered room and incorrect temperature. Become mindful how much caffeine and sugar you are consuming during the day and reduce if you can. Also, the last hour or so before sleep are vital to the quality of falling and staying asleep. If you watch television, choose relaxed programmes. Horror films, The News and other heart racing documentaries will rise cortisol and adrenaline levels. Screen time on smart phones and computers can affect the Melatonin release which is the hormone to get you to sleep. If possible, turn your phone off an hour before bedtime so you aren’t tempted to have a peek. It also means incoming emails etc won’t wake you up.

Get Time Out We often lose ourselves when we are living the daily slug of work, chores, routine and answering to the needs of others. This is magnified when you have children. In parenthood, your needs often get pushed down to number eleven on the list. We often find reasons why we can’t join the exercise class, go away for a day workshop you’d love or even taking a whole night away to visit friends. You deserve to spend time for you. You deserve to do an activity or see a friend that you want to do. Often we feel guilty when we put our needs first, but the interesting thing is, that when you do, your life becomes more enjoyable; you increase your internal energy; and ultimately you are able to focus more positively to the daily treadmill. If you have something organised that represents fun and disconnection from responsibility, knowing it is in your diary can really increase mood and bring more happiness. You can always find reasons why not to do something if you look for them. Start focusing on the reasons why to do something! Life becomes much more fun.

Ask For Support One of most important thing for our happiness is girls-summerconnection with others. Speaking, sharing and being with other people has been shown to be fundamental for our sense of belonging to who we are. Our lives are getting more and more disconnected, living behind closed doors. Families live far apart; we work longer hours and more and more communication is done through technology, rather than face to face. So turn to others. Ask them for help. Maybe get them on board with making the necessary changes you need to unclip your wings and learn to fly again. And if that doesn’t work, find a fabulous therapist or coach to guide you through the changes.

Take Responsibility If you are feeling lost or unhappy in a certain area of your life, please don’t wait for someone/thing to change for you to be whole again. Realise that your happiness is your job. Just as another’s happiness is not your job.If you are stuck on what you don’t want and can’t think what you do need, read here to work out your next step.

If you take one of these steps at a time, or grab one or two that really resonate with you, you might be amazed how much more vitality you start to feel. When we make little alterations within our lives, the results can be great. You just have to start with one small step…and then take the next one…


Giselle is a “The Woman’s Empowerment Coach”. She works closely with women enabling them to work out how to balance their needs with home, work and self. Women deserve to have a fulfilled, varied and happy life. To find out more, click on the button below to book your chance to speak directly with Giselle.



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