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  • Working with a Stress Specialist

    Working with a Stress Specialist

    People often ask me what it is like to work with with me and what would they expect to experience. Is it hard? Embarrassing? Is it worth the investment of time and finances they are committing to? I thought it would be interesting to out line the process and what outcome you can expect. All the 1 to 1 sessions I carry out are uniquely created for each individual that comes through my door. It is depending on what their challenge is and what the underlying cause is. However, I am hoping you can get a deeper awareness of what happens and how exciting doors can open once you are in the process.

    Firstly, to respect the confidentiality of my client, I will change her name and and alter information that will enable you to recognise her in any way. At the point Sarah contacted me, her life was spiralling out of control.

    • She was 41. Spent the past year struggling to keep her head above water.
    • She hated her career.
    • She felt completely stuck because her husband had left, 18 months go, with a younger woman.
    • Left with responsibility for the mortgage of her house and her 7 year old daughter.
    • Intense stress she was experiencing was effecting her emotionally and physically.
    • Symptoms: Her skin had broken out in spots; she had lost 9kg; she was experiencing palpitations; constant exhaustion.
    • Suffering from insomnia.
    • Constantly worrying about money and her daughter.
    • She felt ashamed that she was shouting at her daughter too much and she wanted this to stop. The feeling of being overwhelmed, frustrated and scared made her feel very vulnerable.

    She wanted to feel calmer, more in control of her life and to stop taking her stress out on her daughter.

    Having worked though all this information in the first session, we then were able to start working out how she could begin to take control of her life. I am a great believer that the true solution is to get to the root cause to achieve permanent freedom from your issue as opposed to putting a metaphorical plaster over it only for it to rear its head again once out of my room.Over the years, we learn significant lessons that stay with us and influence how we respond events in your life. Sometimes, these learnings can have a negative impact on us. It is my job to release my client from the negative impact and free them from this. Through a wonderful process of connecting with her unconscious, Sarah worked out that the feeling of stuckness originated from when she was 3 years old, what her father walked out on her mother. She had been left confused and overwhelmed as she watched her mother decline into a deep depression. The emotions Sarah was feeling at 41 were exactly the same she had felt at 3.  At 3 years old, she had believed it was her responsibility to care for her mother. Once she had knew that the responsibility didn’t lie with her alone, she reported that the feeling of being overwhelmed reduced significantly.

    Consequently, as she started to relax more, she started to take action to ensure her soon-to-be-ex- husband started to pay maintenance for their child and also contributed to the mortgage. Her skin started to clear up and her she noticed her sleep was improving.In the mean time she was then ready to tackle the trauma of her husband leaving. There are a number of wonderful ways to effectively release traumatic events. We tried one and that didn’t respond very well, so we tried another and she was finally free from the devastating effects of the trauma.

    During these sessions, the last 15 minutes were always dedicated to Sarah relaxing to the calming words I created for her to listen to. I also recorded a powerful bespoke relaxation for her listen to every night to ensure the work was continuing between sessions. She also was learning fabulous stress release techniques, such as 7/11 breathing, visualisation, how to start seeing life from a more positive perspective and many more ways to ensure she was feeling calmer and more in control.

    In just 6 weeks, Sarah reported:

    • Clear skin
    • Sleeping 8 hours a night
    • Feeling a lot calmer. She had stopped shouting at her daughter and was laughing again.
    • Her mind was calmer and quieter, which meant she was now able to apply for new jobs. Sarah was enjoying the experience of working out what she wanted to do next.
    • There was relief that she was no longer with her husband. She admitted to herself that they had never been suited to each other and she had lost a lot of who she was. She was feeling liberated about the possibilities they lay ahead of her.

    Sarah was totally transformed. She felt empowered and looked forward to what the future held for her. Her skin was glowing and the gaunt face she had arrived with, looked healthy and 10 years younger. She had learned lots of amazing ways to control her emotions which gave her the confidence that she could handle any challenge life threw at her. She had fully embraced the experience of her time with me and the results speak fro themselves. A very  happy client and a very fulfilled me!

    If you would like to speak directly with me about something that is concerning you, please email me on We can arrange a time that suits you.

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  • Posted by Annette on December 21, 2016, 9:26 am

    Great inspiring story and awesome work you do. Thank you for sharing this.

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  • Posted by Helen Collier on December 21, 2016, 7:47 pm

    Fabulous results for your client – leaving her empowered and ready to deal with what life throws at her – great

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