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  • 5 Empowering Steps To Change Your Life

    roadblocks_mockupDo you find yourself unhappy with your life but find yourself waiting for something and or someone to come around the corner to sort out your life?

    Do you secretly wish you had a magic wand to get you what you want in your life and change the things you’re unfulfilled with?

    Have you spent much of your life thinking that someone else could make you happier or get you closer to the way of life you dream of but end up feeling disappointed what life presents you? You are not alone.

    I meet many people who feel stuck and frustrated in their lives but have no idea how to get themselves out of it. They often repeat the pattern of thinking that something will come into their lives that will save them. A bit like the prince saving the unhappy girl to live happily ever after. Many people hold the belief that someone or an experience that finds them will answer all their problems. I am not saying this never happens. We all know a story of a girl meeting their perfect partner and they lived a happy life; or someone else just landed their perfect career by accident. It does happen, but in all honesty it is most likely to not happen if you believe you only need to be the passive party in the meeting or opportunity. You will spend most of your life disappointed and frustrated. But there is a way to get what you want. The easiest way to find that magic wand is to become your own wand.

    So how do you do this?

    There are five simple steps to follow so you can start making the right choices for yourself to make a positive difference with things in your life you want to change.

    1) Clarify what it is you want to change. Sometimes we have a feeling of discontent but don’t reflect about what is actually wrong. Maybe you want to start building a career about something you feel passionate about but feel like a huge mountain needs to be climbed to even begin such a dream? Do you want to get fitter but you compare yourself to the lycra clad runners you see sprinting through the park? Do you want to be less stressed but the more you think about what you have to achieve to become calmer the more stressed you feel? Or is it something else?
    2) Write a list of everything you don’t want relating to this subject. Eg if you want to get more relaxed you might list ~ “I wish I didn’t scream at the kids so often” ~ “I want to stop feeling so tired and overwhelmed” ~ “I don’t want to be always on the go all of the time”.
    3) Referring to the list created in 2) now turn each item into what you do want. For example “I wish I didn’t scream at the kids so often” becomes “I am able to speak to the children in a calm tone when I want them to do something”. “I want to stop feeling so tired and overwhelmed” becomes “I feel energetic and in control of my life”.”I don’t want to be on the go all of the time” becomes “I am able to slow down and take the time out I need to be as relaxed and to start enjoying life”.
    4) Look at what you want and see if they are related or separate. You might find that one or two of the statements really jump out at you as the way for you to start moving towards your goal. Continuing with the same example, what stands out to me is the final statement of slowing down. If the person slowed down and took time out for herself, the other two goals would hopefully follow naturally.
    5) Make a plan for at least one thing you could do that would mean you could make one small step towards achieving your goal. This is very important to acknowledge. For our example she could simply join a relaxation class or learn Mindfulness. That is a good step towards relaxing more.  Once that step is made the next step to be made will become apparent. We often set ourselves up to fail because we put so much pressure on ourselves to achieve our goals in one big jump. But when you give yourself the permission to take your time and that knowing a journey is a series of small steps, in time, you will look back and realise you have come a very long way towards your goal. It becomes far more realistic, enjoyable and achievable.
    This can be used with small and big changes. Start with something small and when you see this works well, you can start to increase the importance of what you are achieving in your life.

    What are you going to start with today? Let me know how you find these steps to becoming your own magic wand.

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