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  • How Could A Growth Mindset Help You?

    How Could A Growth Mindset Help You?

    Last week, my son brought back a certificate from school, celebrating his Growth Mindset. It made me realise that this concept has become a household phrase. But what does this mean? How can you tell if you have a growth mindset or if you have a fixed mindset? And what does that mean? This is a subject that often raises its head when I am working 1 to 1 with my clients and it has huge implication how you tackle life and the way you perceive challenges. Once you understand it and learn how to create the mindset you want, your life can take on a whole new meaning and exciting dimension

    So What’s It All About?

    Growth and Fixed mindset was first coined by Dr Carol Dweck, a leading Psychologist at Stanford University. She first started her research when she noticed how differently her students tackled their studies especially when the work became difficult and challenging. Some gave up as soon as their grades started dropping whilst others found the challenges exciting and enjoyable. The ones who struggled with the challenges so referred to as having a Fixed Mindset and the others a Growth Mindset.

    Fixed vs Growth Mindset

    A fixed mindset tends to focus on the result of an activity. So if you pass or fail; it’s easy or hard; you can or can’t. Your success is the outcome and if you do not achieve the results you expected, your confidence can drop significantly and you possibly will give up easily. It can also mean you don’t try new things, or things that could have the possibility of not succeeding get bypassed and left unfinished. Your emotional happiness depends on your perceived success and what you have achieved.

    A growth mindset is one of not seeing failure, but an opportunity to learn new ways of doing something. Thomas Edison, who invented the electric light bulb, famously said Our greatest weakness is giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. Edison spoke with a Growth mindset. When something is a challenge, it is an opportunity to find a better way. And to respond to life in this way, it creates a stronger emotional foundation because it is the journey that is the important part of any activity as opposed to the assumed outcome.

    Is Your Mindset Changeable?

    Your answer to this question is probably dependent on whether you have a fixed or growth mindset! You definitely can change your mindset, especially once you understand what you have and what you could have. There are some great questions you can ask yourself to help you to develop a growth mindset. As an example, these include:

    What can I learn from this experience?

    Today, what are my opportunities to develop and grow?

    (In the case of a goal not being reached) What can I learn from this experience from this and how can I use this the next time?

    To get the most from life and to ensure you embrace life fully, a Growth Mindset can touch all aspects of your life including, relationships with others and yourself, career, and family life. If you recognise a fixed mindset within yourself, start by asking yourself the questions written above and start to notice the changes that occur within you and how that ripples out to the life you share with others.



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