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sparklerThe announcement that Donald Trump is going to be the US President rocked the world today. For many people, it was the worst outcome they could imagine. Fear and despair began to sweep the social media platforms.

Personally, I was feeling sick as the fear started to rise within me. Worst case scenarios; fascist uprising; catastrophising the whole thing. It is a change.. A huge change. And with any change, there is always fear, worry and projecting our worst fears way out into the future. The unknown was becoming a crisis.

What I noticed, that by 10 am I was feeling emotionally low – usually I am really upbeat and positive –  I started focusing on what was wrong in my life; what I hadn’t achieved; I grew despondent because the world seemed to be choosing hate over love; bigotry over inclusion. As I focused on these things, my belief system towards myself started shifting. The emotional shift was happening because of something that was happening thousands of miles away from me. My mind was focusing on the fear and the fact that I felt I had no control of what happened next.

So I started to think to myself what did I have control over? So I started to work out what I could do to make a difference to people I met that day. I made sure I made a happy conversation to the woman who served my in the shop; I gave everyone I met a happy smile; joked with the bus driver and hugged my children. I started to focus on the people around me that were voicing my values. I reminded myself of all the wonderful people who are on this planet. As my mood rose, my outlook expanded.

I reminded myself of the very important lesson I teach to many of my clients. Any big change and transition can seem the biggest, scariest and most catastrophic event to touch your life. Whether it is a personal transition or one on a greater scale, only a big change can create immense growth, difference and progression happen. We all have choices. We can weaken with our fear, enabling the hate-slingers to have power and the voice; or we can recognise that change is necessary. When we connect to the courage that we do all possess deep within ourselves, that change can be directed to a better and more meaningful way. Great things can grow out of the toughest times. However, to recognise and see these possibilities, we have to be courageous enough to see past the fear.

The truth is that no one has any idea what is going to happen from the political results of 2016 or from personal hardship. And a lot of it is out of your control. But you do have choices. You have a choice of what you choose to focus on and how you feel. You have a choice of whether you overflow with fear or feel gratitude for the things you do have in your life. I am not saying to ignore or be passive about the world you live in. But recognise what you offer out will impact those around you and how they connect with others.

If you feel you would benefit from learning how to turn fear into courage; sadness into joy; despair into gratitude, join me on the 19th November to find out how.



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