Are you concerned about your child’s emotional health?

Is your child showing signs of mild to moderate anxiety, stress or worry? Is the impact affecting you and the rest of your family?

Do you want to learn strategies that will help your child and your family to manage the stress and anxiety? Could you and your child benefit from practical support so they can improve their self-esteem, to stop worrying and to start to enjoy life again?

If your child is between the ages of 9 and 17 I can help you and your child to find their way again. I work in a variety of ways so we can discuss the best route for your child to take. My workshops are for parents to learn how they can support their anxious child and themselves through this challenging time. I can also work directly with your child/teenager for a more in-depth bespoke  approach.  I have  a pragmatic and approachable manner so I am sure we can find the right path for your child and you.