Leadership and Wellbeing programmes in the workplace

I provide a wide selection of organisation development services. These include creating a Wellbeing Plan for your organisation, group programmes and individual sessions. Employees learn how they can improve their wellbeing and create a more fulfilled and happier workplace.

Workplace stress, anxiety and depression are the number one cause of demotivation, reduction of productivity and absenteeism at work. Whilst stress is needed to stimulate creativity and productivity, too much stress results in ill-health, disorganisation, reduced self-esteem, inefficiency, and unproductivity.

I focus on how changes in individual’s behaviour, support offered and relationship building brings cohesion to the organisation. This results in higher employee engagement, increased customer satisfaction and greater team achievement. I build the picture simply and practically in order to enable the attendees to gain control back. Importantly, attendees learn how to notice what their barriers are and how to practice practical ways to release them, and how to feel less overwhelmed in the workplace. Management learn valuable ways to ensure their teams remain motivated, productive and happy.



Organisations I work with