To meet the unique requirements of different organisations, I offer a broad selection of topics for my workshops. The programmes can be chosen as one offs or as part of a selection of offers to your teams. Your choices will be determined by the objectives of the organisation. The programmes are informative, interactive and fun which can be delivered online or in person. You can choose them to be one hour, two hours or half day sessions.

The programmes are created using the latest research in psychology, neuroscience behavioural science, ensuring that my practical approach is always at the forefront of the training.

Workshops available include:

Developing And Supporting A Resilient Team - enabling managers to reflect on and develop their skills to support their team's wellbeing effectively. The 6 step programme is progressive and essential for engagement, motivation and productivity.

Skills On How To Regulate Your Emotions - learn how your behaviour, psychology and biology combine to influence how you react emotionally. Gain powerful insight how you can manage your own reactions and control your reponse.

A Practical Approach To Reducing Your Stress - With stress and anxiety levels on the increase, this workshop clearly explains what stress is, what causes it and how to reduce it.

Ways To Build Resilience - resilience is the ability to bounce back effectively from challenges and difficult experiences. As a learned skill, it is never too late to cultivate a resilient mindset. A resilient organisation is created by resilient individuals.

Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation. Experience a truly relaxing session where you practice a variety of Mindful exercises, meditations and guided relaxations so any stress melts away leaving you to feel focused and calm.

Sleep Matters - good quality sleep is fundamental to our performance at work. Learn how to improve your sleep so your concentration, productivity and health are optimised.

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