Nuturing Resilience in Children




Aims of this programme:

  • Stress v pressure, how to recognise signs and symptoms within your team
  • Learn how to implement a compassionate wellbeing led discussion
  • Gain understanding of how a compassionate management style can impact on teams, your role and the organisation as a whole.

What we expect to see

  • More openness in understanding of how best to support people at any level in the workplace
  • Raised motivation, creativity and positivity
  • Improved staff retention – lived experience of a people-centred-organisation

What’s covered

  • Reflection activity: assess your own mental health and wellbeing, identifying the signs and effects of stress and the responsibilities attached to managing people
  • Discover the Emotional Regulation Model and how it can work across an organisation
  • Explore techniques which demonstrate best ways to offer constructive balanced support to benefit emotional wellbeing during appraisal and reviews
    Effective ways to engage others in conversations around wellbeing, managing difficult discussions with empathy and respect

What delegates will experience

  • An understanding of how our behaviours, attitudes and actions can impact on others
  • Opportunity to explore situations and find solutions for people issues: how to prepare and engage and effectively manage the conversation in a safe environment
  • Increased knowledge, skills and confidence in making wellbeing a priority for individuals and teams across the organisation

What previous delegates have said

“I have learned how important it is to be mindful and listen actively and attentively to really hear what team members are saying. Be much more alert in looking out for signs of emotional changes with staff and use the emotional regulation model to foster discussion as well as a self management tool.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Course delivery

With all my offers, I provide flexible delivery methods, face-to-face groups, virtual learning or a combination of both.
This course can be offered as two half-day workshops or one full day.

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