Manage Your Menopause Online Course


Do you want to learn about menopause and how to support yourself physically and emotionally? And all from the comfort of your home?

Peri/Menopause impacts women in many ways.


Some women, breeze through their menopause whilst others can have overwhelming symptoms that come in many forms. This can include anxiety, depleted energy, insomnia and fragile self-esteem. Women can feel isolated, exhausted and vulnerable.

Manage your symptoms. Reconnect to yourself


Manage Your Menopause is a bite-sized 2 part 3 hour programme. It enables you to unlock the mysteries of menopause and how it affects your body and emotional self. Learn practical ways you can support your body to reduce your symptoms, strengthen your body and start feeling more like you again.

Regulate your reactions and feelings, feel happier and more fulfilled

A journey starts with a single step

What you get


As soon as you sign up, you receive two videos. In the first part, Giselle speaks about what happens to you physically during perimenopause and all the different steps you can introduce to your life to reduce your symptoms and protect your body. Part two looks into supporting your emotional and mental health with lots of tools to help you feel calmer and less foggy.  You also receive written detailed instructions on all techniques discussed.

Who is this for?


With many years as a therapist and a Wellbeing Lecturer, Giselle has run this course in person for many women wanting to educate and empower themselves through this time of change. Some women attend to prepare themselves for the years ahead. Some women are in the midst of perimenopause. Others have reached menopause. Men have attended wanting to learn how to support the women in their life. There is something for everyone.

Practical Ideas For Managing Your Menopause

Reduce your symptoms. Support yourself.

Manage Your Menopause is a two-part course divided into two one and half hour videos. Create your personal plan to manage your menopause.

Menopause – what is it?

The impact of peri/menopause can considerably impact physically and emotionally. Learn what is happening within your body and why the transition can be challenging for many women.

The benefits of Self-compassion

Self-compassion and how this is the key to your menopause.

The symptoms of menopause?

Learn what the main 34 symptoms of menopause are.


Create your own self-care plan – what can you put into your life to start looking after yourself – how you nourish your body and mind directly impacts your symptoms.


Reducing your stress levels during this transition is essential to reduce symptoms. Learn why this is so important and how to start reducing your stress response.

Food and Mood

 Find out what foods can help boost your mood, energy and strengthen your body. To support you now and for your future self.

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