Stress: from Driver to Obstacle

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Stress: from Driver to Obstacle

High Performers and Stress


It is very common that, as people are rising in their careers, riding the stress is the vessel that carries them to the top of the ladder. As time goes by, high performers can start to believe that without the high levels of stress, they will lose their drive and start to lose their edge.


Overwhelming Emotions


However, as life expands, and personal pressures grow, the stress they have embraced can begin to hold them back. It can be expressed through overwhelming emotions that they struggle to control. Possibly, their performance at work or sport can become challenged. They can start to feel like they are losing control of everything that is important to them.

If this resonates with you, I can help you to:


  •  Be certain that whatever is holding you back is just created from the perception you have learned along your path of life. Free yourself from the responses that are holding you back.


  • Learn how to recognise when the stress is building up and how to release it easily and effectively.


  •  Explore the pressures that work and home are creating, as well as looking at the pressures you are putting on yourself


  • Help you realise that it is not the stress that is creating your drive. You will discover how much more effective you can become without high levels of stress and working from your natural state of relaxation.


  • Know that you have my ongoing support for those challenging times.

Want to reach your full potential?

I integrate many different therapeutic models with the latest neuroscience and biological research. I connect with my clients between sessions with resources and support as needed. If this sounds like it would help you please get in touch today.
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