The Art of Self-care


The Art of Self-care

Learn how to care for yourself whilst living a very busy life.  50 minutes of lessons to deepen your understanding. We look at what work/life balance actually is, how to focus your attention on what matters to avoid burnout from over-stretching yourself.



The Art of Self-care


Delivery Method: In-person




  • Delivering to a Kingston University Women in Enterprise Network (KUWEN)
  • I speak for 50 minutes about Self-care and Wellbeing.
  • I speak about work/life balance, how to focus your attention onwhat matters to avoid burnout .


Question & Answer Session

40 minutes of Q and As relating to each specific concern raised during the programme.

Relaxation Activity

During the presentation I ran a relaxation activity which increases resilience by bringing a deeper awareness to what your body is saying to you.


How to care for yourself


The Art of Self-care can bring a deeper awareness of your body and increased resilience


More about self-care




Previous Locations


Kingston University Business school

Kingston University London Kingston Hill Campus, Kingston upon Thames KT2 7LB


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