The Stress Reset 42 Days To Unlock Your Potential Online Course

Feeling frazzled?

Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed or unfulfilled? Do these feelings hold you back in life, leaving you feeling anxious and stuck?

There are many reasons why we feel stress. It can be due to work, your relationship or lack of relationship. It could be because you have no idea how to make the changes that you know you need to make. Or maybe it is just that you can’t find the energy and don’t know where to start?
The Stress Reset is a 42-day programme to help you unlock and deal with the worries you are holding on to. By tackling and managing your stress levels, you can set yourself free to be the best you can and create a fulfilling life.

What you get

Every day, you are supported and encouraged on a journey to reduce your stressors, regain your energy levels and become more centred. This means you can stop being held back by your fears and start taking the steps required to create that fulfilled life you desire.
With many years of experience working with individuals and groups, Giselle has created this programme to take you on this exciting journey. You will receive guidance and support through videos, guided meditations, daily email reminders and resources for you to refer to. You also have the option to join in with our online community, to gain support from others in the programme and to speak directly with Giselle, for those times when you need that extra support. She knows how busy you are, so this programme has been created so you can easily find the time to fit it in to your daily life.
If you want to find ways to regulate your reactions  and feelings, feel happier and more fulfilled, then sign up today.

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The Stress Reset
Unlock your potential in 42 days

The Stress Reset is a 6 week (42 day) programme, to help reduce your stress levels and to enable you to start resetting your life. Each week, there is a specific theme.

  • Week 1. Stress – what is it? Impact of stress on you physically and emotionally. How this holds us back from being who we fully can be. Tools and techniques to create an immediate impact on the levels of stress.
  • Week 2. Self-compassion and how this is the key to reducing stress
  • Week 3. Mindfulness – learn what mindfulness is and be introduced to a variety of mindfulness exercises.
  • Week 4. Self-care – create your own self-care plan – what can you put into your life to start looking after yourself – you have to prioritise yourself to start regulating emotions and stress levels.
  • Week 5. Overcoming your barriers to reaching your potential. Includes mindset – how you speak to yourself and how to change this to be more helpful for your life.
  • Week 6. How to make things stick – it’s great to have learned all this information but how do you keep it going and growing?

On the first day of the week, you will receive a 30-40 minute video explaining the course and introducing the techniques.

On the second, you will be sent a guided meditation (10 mins), for you to listen to every day, with clear instructions on the techniques for reducing your stress.

You will also receive daily emails to motivate you, keep you focused and ensure you feel supported with every step.

The course has been designed so you can fit it around your life and schedule. It will require a maximum of 5-10 minutes each day, once you have completed watching the video, as the last thing Giselle wants to do is add to your stress! The time needed has to be realistic and achievable for you; persistence and practice is the key to success.

“Really great content that is easy to follow. Simple steps that make a huge difference”

“My sleep has really improved and I am feeling much more invigorated during the day!”

Costs – Our special prices are to ensure they are affordable during these challenging times.

Simply choose the best band for you and then sign up today to get a place on our next launch on 23rd May 2022.

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