Transformational Therapist Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner  Breathwork Facilitator


I am a Transformational Therapist, Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner and Breathwork Facilitator. I have a proven track record of guiding individuals, business and educational sectors to overcome the hurdles that they might face professionally and personally. The many benefits include improved physical and emotional wellbeing, energy, productivity, calmer mind and increased choices.

Certified registered member of the National Council of Hypnotherapy

Certified registered member of the National Council of Hypnotherapy

Applied Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing

Trained in Applied Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing – AMDR

Professional Background

What was the defining moment in making your decision to become a therapist?

Whilst studying Nutritional Therapy, I was introduced to NLP which is all about the mind and how we interact with people and our environments. I was instantly captivated and hooked on learning more about how the mind works and working people from a psychological viewpoint rather than nutrition. The interesting thing is I include nutrition within my work as this is a fundamental aspect to wellbeing and better mental health.

Who or what influenced your decision and why?

I have always been influenced by a burning curiosity to understand myself and others. Becoming a therapist was always going to be my destination – I just had to find the form of therapy that I was aligned to.

What are the top three motivational factors for your commitment to your craft?

Compassion for every client I have for their life experience and how that expresses itself within their relationships, choices and behaviours; the belief that no one has to be defined by what has happened to them, everyone deserves the opportunity to leave the past behind them; I never stop learning and developing myself – the more I grow and learn the more I can offer the people I work with – whether as a therapist or as a wellbeing lecturer.

How do you look after your own well being?

I ensure my wellbeing is a priority otherwise I can burn out very easily. Breathwork has changed my life – I have daily practice which keeps me centered and balanced. I exercise regularly with a mixture of cycling, pilates, circuit training and walking. Sleep, gut health, connections and feeding my soul are a big part of my daily routine. I love spending time with my children but also crave peace so I will dive into a book every night before falling asleep. I make sure I have therapy too if I notice I need it. Good nutritious and environmentally conscious food is a big part of my life and overall sense of wellbeing which I love to share with those that I love.

What words of advice would you give a teenage Giselle?

To be proud of who you are and shine. Don’t compare yourself with others but make choices that are right for you as opposed to what you think you should be. It is OK to not know your direction at this point because you get fully in your purpose later in life; life is a journey of discovery rather than trying to get to an end destination – so have fun, work hard and believe in yourself.

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In what way are you different today because of your work in the therapy arena?

I find this question really hard to answer as I feel that I am a completely different person because of it. Any conscientious therapist will tell you that to be a therapist you have to be constantly working on yourself as it is impossible to be good at my role if I forget what it is to be in the chair. It sounds a bit corny, but it is such a privilege that people open up to me, telling me things they haven’t shared with anyone else. What always humbles me is it doesn’t matter your background, your income, career or family situation, everyone is struggling in their own way; we all have our life stories and personal wounds. So to be curious about what lies behind someone’s behaviour, feelings or responses means that I have got to immerse in a deep compassion to what it is to be human. Experiencing this was the catalyst for my developing and running wellbeing courses and workshops. I realised that there was powerful healing to be had when a group of people came together. Rather than thinking they are failures, they are the only ones struggling and they weren’t good enough, I realised that to hear each other’s stories, learn how to empower themselves whilst sharing it within a safe and respectful environment would have amazing results. I was not disappointed. Watching the groups connect, support and thrive is always remarkable.

What three items would you take to your desert island?

I would include my 3 children as 1 item – I couldn’t be without them. A kindle ( currently I only read books but I would need a constant supply of fiction and non-fiction books). And lastly my pillow as I can’t get a good night sleep without it!

What environment brings calmness and peace?

Nature in its many guises. I love meadows full of flowers, staring at the far off horizon of the ocean or just cycling through the park.

What are the biggest rewards you get from your work?

There is no greater reward to watch my clients blossom and grow as their limiting self-beliefs reform into a deeper sense of self-worth and self-compassion. Enabling them to stop being triggered by the past and to understand there is always something they can influence can change the course of someone’s life. The human ability to heal and flourish never ceases to astound me.



I am a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner trained by the internationally acclaimed trauma and addiction specialist Dr Gabor Mate. This a beautiful and powerful psycho-therapeutic approach which takes my clients on the healing journey with safety and love.

Breathwork has changed my life so I trained to be a Breathwork Facilitator. I am now doing teacher training with Pat Divilly to introduce Conscious Connected Breathing to add to the emotional release I already provide my clients.

I trained at the acclaimed Quest Institute in Cognitive Hypnotherapy (2010) and NLP Master Practitioner (2011) and with Dr Brian Roet on the powerful Parts work. (DipCHyp, HPD, MPNLP, BA Hons)


I have also studied AMDR, People Centered Counselling, Confident Childbirth, Mindfulness, The Three Principles, Eye Movement Integration, Emotional Freedom Technique, Positive and Behavioural Psychology and am constantly reading and learning about the mind and ways to enjoy happier and calmer lives.

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